Celebrate Dear Old Dad

Sure, your dad probably says he doesn’t need or want anything for Father’s Day (and let’s face it, he pretty much already has everything) but you certainly can’t let June 17th pass by without celebrating the guy that’s always been there for you. So what do you get dear old dad (hint, it’s not a tie)? Whether he’s a master of the grill, the guy who can fix anything, a little bit metro or a cocktail connoisseur, our men’s department is filled with thoughtful and unexpected gifts to say thank you for being the incredible dad, grandpa or husband that he is.

  1. Grill Kit: Your grill master is sure to love our grill kit, packed with Boxed Butcher Salt, a perfect grill rub or to season just about anything, Smoked & Spicy Finishing Syrup to kick-up your grilled meats, bacon or even punch-up a cocktail, the best grill recipes from the Ribs, Chops, Steaks & Wings book and a wood pig board and barbecue towel to serve it all up.
  2. Jan Barboglio Decanter: Handsome, rustic and hand-blown, our selection of Jan Barboglio decanters is the perfect touch for his study, man-cave or bar cart. And who can argue with a steady flow of booze from dad wanting to show off his new wares?
  3. Trivia Games:* A competitive streak, yea we thought so. Our selection of trivia games will bring dinner parties and game nights to the next level. Test his knowledge of sports, movies, America, drinks and more.
  4. Jack Black Personal Care Kit: Nothing is wrong with a dad who takes care of himself. Our Jack Black collection is a complete regimen in one easy gift – nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic, just superior skin care. Get the All Over Wash, Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, and Industrial Strength Hand Healer all packed in a handsome, durable, canvas shave kit.
  5. Simon Pearce Beer Tankard: Into craft brews and only wants the best? The Simon Pearce Beer Tankard is for him. It’s rolled rim and turned handle give it an old-world feel, but the brilliant glass and heft make it durable for everyday use. These stunners are handmade by Simon Pearce glassblowers using centuries-old techniques.
  6. Gentlemen’s Hardware Multi-Tools:* Perfect for the handyman, these tools are crafted to combine style with function, and are built to last. From multi-tools to grooming accessories to outdoor kits, we’ve got a selection of tools and gadgets for any DIY task, big or small.
  7. Men’s Books:* For the expert on…well, everything. From DIY manuals to grill books to cookbooks and cocktail books, we’ve got a selection of books that are sure to have dad geeking-out over his favorite hobby.
  8. Travel Barware: Take it outside with our selection of barware to-go. Handsome, handcrafted leather cooler bags*, and insulated tumblers in a masculine wood grain and steel finishes are simple, functional and perfect for a day on the river or at the game.
  9. Duke Cannon Personal Care Kit: Superior quality grooming products for the no-nonsense dad. Our Duke Cannon collection is for the man’s man who wants a big-ass bar of soap, 2-in-1 hair wash and a hand-balm that repairs the hands of workers, fighters, and world champions. It all comes packed in a manly, durable, canvas shave kit and as an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds benefits US veterans.

*Select products available in-store only.

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