Vietri Dinnerware

Founded by sisters, Susan and Frances Gravely, and their mother, Lee, on a trip to the Amalfi coast, Vietri is a celebration of all that is irresistibly Italian. Vietri dinnerware embodies a love of life, family, and tradition through handcrafted, Italian artisan tableware. Preserving the history and craft of Italian artisans, Vietri brings a world of casual sophistication to your table.

Material Matters

Vietri’s origins are in handcrafted, Italian earthenware. Made of natural clay, their authentic and imperfect charm is felt in every unique piece. The rustic, artisan-appeal offers great texture, color, and character but can also be a bit more delicate. While dishwasher safe, it is more prone to chipping and should be used only briefly in the microwave to avoid cracks in the glaze.

To keep up with the demands of everyday life, Vietri has also expanded into stoneware. Stoneware is highly chip resistant, comes in an array of colors, textures, and patterns, and is freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe… perfect for everyday use.

*From Vietri’s popular Lastra pattern to Bellezza, Incanto, Santorini, and even Old Saint Nick for the holiday season, Homefest carries a broad range of colors and patterns in earthenware and stoneware from Vietri. Contact for special order inquiries.