Flatware: From the Outside In

No table is complete without flatware and serving utensils. Whether you’re registering for your first set of flatware, outfitting your first home, or updating your current collection, our patterns range from understated and elegant to bold and memorable. Inviting to the touch and weighty in the hand, we represent some of the finest in tabletop. With striking textures and patterns from Michael Aram, the sophisticated, elegance of Match Pewter, rustic, burnished finishes from Simon Pearce, and timeless classics from Juliska, each is designed with style, versatility, and durability in mind. With a selection from flatware sets and serving utensils to canapé knives and cocktail forks, let Homefest help you elevate your table.

Choosing Your Flatware

The shape, weight, and feel are perhaps the most important criteria for selecting your flatware. All flatware is designed to be well-balanced, however, if you’re purchasing a new pattern, we encourage you to visit us in store so you can hold each piece and get a sense of how the pattern feels in your hand.

The Pattern and Finish

The pattern and finish speak to your lifestyle and how you plan to roll-out your flatware. For a casual, everyday-vibe, consider something simple and clean. If entertaining in style is your M.O., go chic and streamlined or bold and textural, either way, your flatware will be striking and memorable. Most tend to shop for something in between that can effortlessly transition from daily use to those more formal occasions.

Keep your Dinnerware in Mind

Make sure to consider how your flatware will pair with your dinnerware. Flatware should not only balance perfectly in your hand but on your table as well. Lighter, more understated designs typically work best with more delicate dinnerware while more substantial dinnerware is complemented by textural or patterned flatware.

Caring for your Flatware

Our flatware and serving pieces are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and are easy to care for. Most pieces are dishwasher safe but we encourage you to check each product’s specifications to ensure you’re providing optimal care.