6 Home Decor Trends We’re Loving Now

As yet another season comes and goes, so do many design trends. Instead of bereaving last season’s ice cream colors, tropical patterns, and geometric designs, we’re looking ahead to some of our favorite home décor trends.

1. Tribal is at the Forefront

Moroccan, Navajo, Persian, Kazak, Bohemian, Dhurries and other tribal inspired designs are in, and in a big way. Small sects have long appreciated tribal design throughout the world, but today, the pages of home décor magazines are chock full of boldly patterned rugs, graphic pillows, and hand-woven throws. No matter how bold these tribal elements may feel, they’re easy to mix in with existing neutrals in your home. Swap out last season’s throws, rugs, and pillows for a few tribal pieces to achieve some textural interest and a great global vibe.

2. Metal Accents Replace Traditional Finishes

Like a piece of jewelry, metallic home accents in the form of occasional furniture, frames, and decorative accessories add a finishing touch to any room. Add some welcome shine to a minimalist space, create cool contrast to industrial or concrete furnishings, or bring in some warmth with brass or gold finishes in a white kitchen or bath.

3. Dinnerware is Making a Statement

There’s nothing wrong with white-plates and matching serveware but bold statements in dinnerware are taking center stage. Whether serving a 4-course holiday meal or pad thai from the take-out joint down the street, we want our dishes to reflect our personal style, be functional, and in many cases, to know where they came from and the talented artisans who created them. So layer in some rustic pottery or hand-painted plates to accent your table and up your dinnerware game.

4. Going Green is Always on Trend

More people are opting to keep their color pallets neutral while introducing pops of color with botanicals. Succulents and white orchids are the two most popular trends in decorative florals for the home right now. From small accent pieces atop a desk or étagère to larger succulent gardens or centerpieces along a dining or console table, natural elements add texture and color to any space. For a maintenance free option that looks remarkably real, shop our collection of faux-botanicals.

5. Rock On…Minerals are Showing Up Everywhere

The move to minerals as accent furniture and decorative accessories is one of the strongest trends we’re seeing right now. Sliced agates, onyx, marble, and even petrified wood are showing up in everything from picture frames and vanity trays to drink tables and lamp bases. Naturally neutral in color, these stone accents update a room instantly and lend a modern vibe wherever they are placed.

6. Craftsmanship Makes the Statement

Nothing makes a stronger design statement than a one-of-a-kind piece, a hand-crafted textile, or a unique treasure sourced from across the globe. Above all else, we celebrate the increasing rarity of the artisan craft and believe that owning a beautifully crafted, artisan product shows off your personal style and makes a lasting design impression in your home. If it’s hand thrown, mouth blown, hand carved, or hand woven, it’s what we seek out!

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