Barware Essentials for Any Occasion

We’re all about celebrating life’s moments with a well-stocked bar… and are often asked about the essentials. Our collections at Homefest range from finest mouth-blown, hand-finished barware from Simon Pearce, LSA, and Match Pewter to Bohemian glassware from Juliska to hand-hammered Moscow mule mugs and acrylic barware for cocktails al fresco. From wine service to craft cocktails and everything in between, we’ve got glassware for every occasion.

Wine Service

When it comes to wine services, everyone wants to know if varietal-specific glassware really makes a difference. We think it depends on how serious of a connoisseur you are. Each varietal-specific glass is made with a particular wine in mind and helps it reach the appropriate area of your tongue to best capture its essence.

If you’re like most and this all sounds lovely but a bit over the top, we’d suggest a basic red and a basic white glass. The Bordeaux/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot glass is typically considered the standard red wine glass. It’s tall with a full-sized bowl that somewhat tapers at the top. It’s companion, the Chardonnay glass, is considered the standard white wine glass and is similar in style to the Bordeaux, just a bit smaller. These two tried and true vessels will look beautiful on your table and compliment most wines perfectly.

From here, you can go down the rabbit hole. The Pinot/Burgundy glass is not as tall as the Bordeaux but with a much wider bowl to highlight the fruit and balance natural acidity. The Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Grigio glass is a bit shorter with a smaller bowl than the Chardonnay glass, designed to bring out the acidity in these wines. There is a Shiraz glass, the tallest of the red wine glasses, a shorter Port glass, a wide, rounded Montrachet / White Burgundy glass, and on and on. If you’re a master somm in the making and ready to go deep into the world of wine glasses, come on in and we’ll help you find just the right glass for every nuanced varietal!

Cocktail Classics

From high-balls and double old fashioned glasses to martinis and margaritas, cocktail culture is serious business. But if you’re just starting out or have limited storage, we’re big fans of multi-purpose barware. Start with the basics, your everyday drinkware and perhaps a set of DOFs for cocktails. We love the vintage vibe of a coup and it’s perfect for champagne, martinis, and margaritas – talk about a triple threat! A good stemless wine glass is perfect for apperitivo and can also double as a juice or water glass.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Raise the bar with a beautiful ice bucket, it will be used time and again and is perfect for chilling wine or as a beverage cooler. A water carafe and decanter are dinner service must-haves, throw in a few bar tools, cheeky cocktail napkins, and a small European style cutting board and happy hour just got a whole lot happier.