About Gift Registries

Thank you for considering Homefest for your gift registry. Whether you are registering for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or a new home, we’re here to make it fun and easy! You’ve placed your confidence in us and we’ll do everything we can to make the process seamless, keep your registry up to date, and to communicate updates in a timely manner.

The Perks

Once your event takes place, you will receive a 10% completion discount, which allows you to buy any remaining items on your registry after your event at 10% off the regular retail price. The completion discount will be available for 12 months from the date of your event.

Online Registry

As part of your Homefest registry, you’ll also have access to our online registry for your out-of-town guests or those who would prefer to shop from home. We highly recommend that you work with one of our in-store registry consultants to create your registry so that we may provide product information and up-to-date availability and special-order information. Once you’ve met with a registry consultant, we will be able to curate and build your online registry more seamlessly and provide you with a link to share with your guests.


Let’s Get Started

When you are ready to register, please call one of our registry consultants to set up an appointment. We’ll help you create a thoughtful, well-edited registry that suits your lifestyle and provide you with all of the information you need about the products you’ve selected.

Contact Information:
(P): 303-741-3920
(E): GiftRegistry@HomefestDecor.com