We believe a beautifully crafted, artisan product is one of life’s last luxuries.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Homefest is a family owned business specializing in the best in home furnishings, decorative accessories, tabletop, personal care and permanent floral designs. We’ve built a luxury retail business that emphasizes and celebrates the increasing rarity of the artisan craft. We believe owning a beautifully crafted, artisan product is one of life’s last luxuries. If it’s hand thrown, mouth blown, hand carved, hand hammered or hand woven, it’s what we seek out.

Our goal at Homefest has always been to bring those artisan products to the wonderful customers who come to our Denver store and to those customers who live outside our trading area through our website, HomefestDecor.com.

We want to bring you a well-edited selection of our favorite finds. Unique and beautiful products that will hopefully solve your quest for an easier way to entertain, to set a festive table, to decorate your home or to find the perfect gift. We like to think of it as effortless luxury.

With a little bit of thought and a modicum of planning, entertaining, dining and gifting can all be easy and effortless and that’s why we’re here. We’ll share with you the way we like to do it and hopefully, in the process, make your life a little easier as well. It’s our goal to offer you the newest and most unique selection of products in one easy-to-shop location. We hope you’ll join us on our journey in search of the most beautiful products from around the globe.