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If you saw our first post, All in the Family, then you’ll remember the rambling picture of kids, dogs, and grandkids.  I’m Mike, the old guy in the back row. Together with my wife, Lindy (the pretty lady standing next to me), we do all of the product sourcing and buying for our store Homefest and our website, HomefestDecor.com.  Mine is one of the many voices you’ll be hearing from on this site, mostly to share information about the products we source and the artists and craftspeople who are behind all of them.

You’ve probably noticed that we are in the dog days of summer, I guess the upside here is that with the end of summer comes the beginning of Football season…both good reasons to move the party outside to get the last few weekends of summer entertaining in or possibly plan the first tailgate of the season.  Either way, we’ve got the dinnerware, barware and serving accessories to do both effortlessly and elegantly.

Let’s talk dinnerware…there was a time, not too terribly long ago, that people my age talked a little snidely about Melamine…the plastic dinnerware in harvest gold and avocado that our mothers served dinners from the Kraft Home Economist on. It was a memory, much like leisure suits, polyester and disco that we hoped wouldn’t return. Guess what…It’s back…Melamine is cool again. Who Knew?!

Yes, that’s melamine dinnerware in this picture.  I’m telling you, you can’t tell this isn’t heavy ceramic dinnerware from some great European artisan ceramicist until you pick it up and hold it in your hand.  Hefty, durable, BPA free, shatter resistant and dishwasher safe, our melamine dinnerware is perfect for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Now I know that your first inclination for both might be paper plates but, let’s face it, there are times when you want to raise your game a bit and dial up your presentation for the outdoor party.  This is the dinner and serveware you want for those occasions.  Trust us, your guests will be dazzled by your good taste and grateful that they don’t have to eat off of a flimsy paper plate.

The perfect companion to our melamine dinnerware?…how about our polycarbonate barware.  Allegedly first used for passenger jet windows, polycarbonate is our favorite alternative to glass. Shatter resistant and dishwasher safe, our tumblers, stemmed and stemless wines are the perfect “glasses” for your next outdoor party. Of course, you could use red plastic cups instead of our beautiful, unbreakable barware but then you might as well go back to the aforementioned “flimsy paper plates”.

Plan B?…maybe instead of our polycarbonate barware you’d like a vessel that keeps beverages cold (or hot)? How about our insulated, stemless wine glasses.  With their no-spill tops and insulated construction, our stemless wine glasses keep cold beverages cold for 9 hours and hot drinks hot for 3.  Who wouldn’t want a few of what we like to think of as an adult sippy cup?

That’s it! Classic, unbreakable white dinnerware, beverageware that looks like glass but can’t be broken, insulated stemless wine glasses that keep your favorite drink at just the right temperature, a few brightly colored laundered linen napkins and you’ve got a party.  Just add your favorite make ahead summer dishes and you are all set.


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